The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Came in and did a few things in the library, then remembered I needed to make sure all the computers were on. Turned on screens, headed off to LLI. Had the kids reading to me and one of them read the word 'tugged' and came up with 'tuggled'. Cracked me up! Flew back into the library for my four back to back classes. Did my intro on the Caldecott's and loved that a lot of kids checked out our Caldecott books! Then lunch, then cafeteria duty. Had the scholastic book fair lady come by and introduce herself and we talked book fair. I had to tell her that I couldn't commit to that. I already am so behind and already have too much on my library plate. So we talked about having the Parent Group run it, or maybe Willamette students and I told her I'd let our principal know. I had a great time shelving all afternoon. Got nearly all the non-fiction shelved. Was able to help some kids find just the right book for them and that always makes me smile :)

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