The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Poopy Head

Today had been going really well. Got in a bit early since it was Friday. Got my Spanish and Bilingual books ready for my first Kinder class since Mrs. V had asked for that. Did my LLI group. My two boys did pretty well, and one left early for choir, so I got to spend some good one on one time with the other. Back to the library and checked off my new books off the list. Put the hardbacks out for the kids for today. Salem Public Library come in and do a presentation in the library all about what they had to offer the kids. They brought the bookmobile and let the 1st graders check out one book. I had my three kinder classes and had them all sit in a circle about the size of the Cheshire Cheddar that was sent to the White House when Jefferson was president. They liked all getting together in a circle to see how big the cheese was. My 5th graders were pretty good as well. Lunch, cafeteria duty - which was better than yesterday, the kids were so loud yesterday, today they were better, maybe because our principal was roaming the tables! Then my third and last kinder class, a bit of clean up, then Mrs. M's class came down to the library and computer lab, so I helped with the kids that needed to finish up math work. There were still three when she went back upstairs and I was to stay with them, but the 5th graders were coming in so we went back upstairs, and she put us out in the hall. One girl and two boys. I helped the girl so we could finish her paper and the boys refused to work on theirs while I worked with her. They needed to go to the bathroom and talked about being poopy heads (~~~~!). They also called me a loser, and I said yep, I was. Really? Yep I told them. If I couldn't get two boys to sit and do their work then I really must be a loser. Mrs. M came out and saw one of the boys in time out by the water faucets and called one of them in. I finished with the girl, then the one boy was very nice and actually did some good work as long as I was focusing just on him. 

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