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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bowing to Mrs. M

Another great day in the library! Mrs. M had one last day of G.L.A.D. training in her room and said for me to spend the day in my beloved library!! So I bowed to her when we had to come in for our staff meeting after school today. Came in to my usual morning, set up computers then off to LLI group and had all three of my kiddos. Then back to the library and getting ready for my first class. Went back to my talk on the Caldecott's. I also looked up the Honor books and then made a discovery, that for the last two years, we have not ordered any of the Caldecott books. So sad. If a librarian had been on staff, we'd totally be up to date. Since I did Mrs. M's class on Tuesday, I had more space today and started on my February authors. Got quite a few done, but still have a few to go. Did my DLC class and they all got to check out today! Then my lunch, then after I did my cafeteria duty, I had four awesome kids into the library to work. Two of them to work off fines, two of them that just want to work. It was so much fun to just interact with these students and especially my two that were working off their fines, the smiles on their faces as they worked, and seeing their grins when I took their days 'work' off the fine they owed was a huge highlight of my day. I worked on my Baker and Taylor order, adding in the last couple of years Caldecott medal winners and honorees. Our staff meeting was about kids that cause problems. We had a guest speaker and she asked for three kids. Asking questions, about what do they seem to shine on, what sets them off. Targeting what makes them stable and teachable, and what are the triggers that set them off. It was interesting and I knew exactly what kids they were talking about! The meeting ran a bit long past my regular time, so as soon as we were done, I lit out and headed home. 

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