The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

READ Poster Shots

I got to take pictures of the staff today for READ posters and it was fun! We have a program from LMSS that we can use for a week to photoshop, put the image into a poster and then send the image to have it printed up! So fun to see the books that people picked out to have their picture taken with! Came in, did LLI, then straight into my four classes for reading time and check out. Then it was time for my lunch, cafeteria duty and then the kids were out for the rest of the day. I looked through a box of books that had been set, and a few I really liked, but their prices were too high. So I will probably send them all back. Did a bit of cart building on Baker and Taylor since we have a bit of extra money. Had a substitute teacher come in and offer to help so I had her straighten shelves, a very needed exercise after my four classes! Talked with Mrs. B after school and it was good to let her know about the story of how I got to be there and my frustrations of not near enough time in the library to do what I'd like to do. She was very understanding and gave some good advice.

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