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Monday, February 3, 2014

Love of Reading Month

Today was the first day of the month so we had our assembly. Since the school is celebrating Love of Reading month, I was on a committee to help set up some things for the school to participate in, so I got to announce that in the library I would allow the 1st & 2nd graders to check out two books this month and the 3rd-5th graders will each be able to check out three. So I hope that helps with their reading goals for the month. I worked on Mrs. M's bulletin board for their goals for my morning IA time. Then my lunch, cafeteria duty, my first class of the week and our highlighting the Caldecott medal winners. I had Mrs. L's class also get a chance to draw 'Gloria' from Officer Buckle and Gloria. They really enjoyed that. Requested some books. Tried to find some ice skating books and we are missing three amazing books. They are not on the shelves, and not checked out. That really makes me sad. Afternoon IA time I watched Mrs. M instruct the students on George Washington, and then helped the students do math. Worked down on my bulletin board for a bit, put away a few books. Glad I'll get some help tomorrow!

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