The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Concerto in La maggiore

Came in and went through the computer lab picking up drinks from students. Most put them away in their packs, another I took to my desk. We got an e-mail saying that we'd be doing video announcements, but I haven't seen a disk, so I e-mailed Mr. C and he says they have gremlins, maybe next week. Mrs. I brought in her seating arrangement for the orchestra and we set it all up for them. They played Vivaldi's Concerto in La maggiore. Beautiful! They could play in here every day as far as I'm concerned! Haulage came and carted off our surplus books. Had to give some computer assistance to some students today and made sure they had passes and signed in the notebook up front. Mrs. O came and took 12 books with her to write brief synopses for. I numbered the Bien dit! shelves. Checked out another class set of Physical Science w/Earth Science books. Withdrew our old Precalculus books and boxed them up for the next surplus pick up, about 20 boxes worth. Got in another magazine subscription discount notice, so I checked it against our current suppliers and they weren't any better. Mrs. M had brought a box of Dramatic Tragedy in before we left last summer, so I did as she requested and barcoded them and put them up in their box on the top shelf. They are very old - copyrighted 1971!

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Batgirl said...

I love reading your blog so I can catch up on all the things that happen in the library every day! So many little things that I don't catch. Funny how much of a difference being at opposite ends of the room makes when describing our days. :)