The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Thursday - the 14th - Forgot all about this! I went to the dentist after work and found I have 4 abscessed teeth! Oh my! But, in other news: I had a teacher ask for a resource that we hadn't gotten in, so I decided to go over the teacher materials list from our original invoice to see what we'd gotten in and what we hadn't. There were still three items out, one of which was the Audio CD's - very important for language classes! I e-mailed our rep and let him know. Tomorrow they are having an inservice in the library and I am working a half day, so I withdrew all the rest of the old german books and some of the spanish books. I will pack them up in the back tomorrow! Did lots of print accounts, checking in/out. Mr. S told his kids to do work in their text, and they hadn't come and gotten any yet! So he had two classes to come down and pick up books! They are the ending dregs and I hated to hand them out, but the kids needed them. I also talked with Mrs. H about our resources, and she wants me to change back to the old way of listing each resource separately so she can easily see what we have for teachers, so I will work on that next week.

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