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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ancient of Loans

Checked in old german books and out the new ones for two classes today and a class checked out the new spanish books as well. I did a couple of new book reviews and later in the day, one of the books was gone! Someone had checked it out after reading my review, of course! Processed 2 teacher magazines and 4 for the library. One of the teachers asked if we had renewed his Sports Illustrated subscription and since he hadn't responded last year, we didn't. So he came down and we talked about what he wanted and he'll talk with his department head on that. Straightened out the magazine spinner rack and made some extra room for our weeklies. Renumbered the shelves for The Journal of Finn Reardon. We had gotten in some copies from another school. I hate to have lots of marker covering on the books, so I used the same numbers and we now have 1 - 40 of two different sets of the same book. But I'm thinking we can do this! So I did the shelves with a 'J. Finn Reardon 1 - 6 & 1 - 6' and I hope it works! Sent off 3 boxes of The World of Fashion Merchandising to another school. We have one school that has kept track of books they loaned to us for years. Like one was checked out in 1998! These were all books that kids had then checked out from us, and never brought back. So, I asked Mrs. H if we could just go ahead and withdraw copies we had to replace the ones she had on her list - so I pulled 22 books (mostly novels) and sent them off and that should clear us all up except for one we don't have (checked out in 2000) and the three they just loaned us. We had cleared up all the other schools last spring and this one didn't let us know until we were ready to leave last year. So, hopefully we're almost all good with all the schools now.

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