The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 11, 2010


So I brought in all my books this morning and spent the day mostly in working on getting the jacket covers ready to put on the hardback books. Too much fun! Did the usual student helps as well. Also processed in one teacher magazine and five for the library. Got to thinking that on Wednesday they want me to run the freshmen lab, and I don't normally come in until 9 and school starts at 7:50, so I sent an e-mail to Mrs. A asking if she'd like me to come in early. Since the kids are all done by 11:30, there's no need for me to stay late that day. Also had a librarian from a private school call and say that she'd been in our building for training on Friday, and asked to look at our library. She is getting to do some remodeling. Mr. M brought her down and told her we were getting rid of all the shelves and probably all our fiction too, with just a little bit to keep. Ah, HELLO!!! We set her straight, that no, the library is going nowhere and that the shelving removal is going to renovate the old computer lab, we're not changing the library to all computer labs! And definately no, we're not getting rid of any books.

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