The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anatomy Back in the Fold

Had a teacher bring me in 50 student art notebooks from Anatomy & Physiology. They had numbers and barcodes, but weren't in the system anymore. Someone along the line must have pulled them and sent them to a room, but Ms. R wants them checked out to students, so I reenter them and get them ready to check out. We had to check in with the hours we'd work on Thanksgiving week. We are scheduled for 2.5 days, but since the building will not be open on Wednesday, so I need to work 7.2 hours both days. I send in the paperwork to the office manager. We got in four rhyming dictionaries from a teacher to have available for the students and we put them on our dictionary cart. Processed one teacher magazine and one for the library. Our Athletic Director needed a textbook for a class he's taking, so I had to get him entered in. I helped a student with a project, did the usual check out/ins, log-in checks and money into print accounts. Our new german teacher wanted to know if we could get TPR resources for the 2nd year class, so I contacted our rep and she said that no, they didn't have one for that year, but supplied the e-mail for the author and said he loves for german teachers to contact him, so I printed off the e-mail and gave it to the teacher (she's not on e-mail here yet). I also took the original quote to her and had her check it out to see if there were other materials promised, but we didn't have yet and she needed. She didn't find anything she wanted. Did some more repairs.

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