The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Back at Work

Went back to work today and a lot of people gave me their condolences. It was good. Did a lot of pick up stuff from the last three days. The aides kept busy checking in books. I went through the stack of damaged books that the sub had in a pile for me to look at that she had checked in yesterday. There was no sub for Thursday or Friday!! I felt so bad for the kids! Ran some reports today for teachers, what they had for textbooks and for library books. Had two teachers bring in cartloads of textbooks to check in. Had another teacher bring in all her Schoolwide boxes and we went through all of them and found the barcodes that were supposed to be with them and got all those straightened out. Had lots of mail to go through. Trolled through emails. Laminated Darwinesque squirrels and some DLC stuff. Off to The Ram to say goodbye to two of the middle school library media people who are leaving us this year. A beautiful evening to be out on their deck with good people.

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