The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Inventory Done!

Yes, it is all done for this year. Got in my new books (!!squeeee!!) so I could scan those that were on my 'missing in inventory' count. Then I went and found the books in Russian that were on the inventory and some Spanish books. Still have students bringing in books as well. Did laminating for teachers first thing this morning since I was too busy yesterday to remember to do it! Checked my new books off the invoice (I think I got in about 55?). I see a couple I want to read already! Then I ended up laminating again for the DLC since they needed to send cards home with their students. I also helped cutting out the cards from the lamination to make sure the kids got their learning words to take home. Got some of our old math books deleted and raunchy ones to go in the surplus pile and now have a box of some really nice ones that hopefully will get bought back. Hunted books for students and found a couple. Had a music assembly this morning. Our music students are amazing! Loved the choir, the orchestra and the band. I am so lucky I get to hear these students play!

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