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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Locker Clean Out

We held the first locker clean out at school today before the end of school. Got in 107 library books (many came up 'lost'!) and 112 textbooks! Not too bad, but as always, I hope for more! Listed and sent off my books from Sprague today and kept some for summer reading. Worked on covering the new The Outsiders that another school had sent our way to replace copies they lost. (I have two to go!) Got in three more boxes of Sprague books so I'll be popping those open tomorrow! Had a teacher turn in their Schoolwide boxes today, so checking those in means I also have to account for all the stuff that comes with it! I checked in the 107 library books, but left the textbooks for the aides tomorrow! I put numbers on the few History Alive: US History books that were checked in this morning. We had numbers on them, but with the new system the numbers on the top and bottom of the  textblock were no longer on there. The new books have the barcode number, and some of the old numbers were scratched out and the barcode put on (just the last 5 numbers), but some still have their old numbers, so we pull them up and put in a note that book barcode 220228976 is actually #85. It really helps when a student comes in saying "I turned in that book" to just be able to look at the bottom number rather than open each book to look at the barcode. Good night!

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