The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Slapped with a Very Large Fish

So today I was checking in books and one came in that had a half piece of paper that started to come out, so I grabbed it out. It was a nice colored paper and someone had tried to do some calligraphy that said "Happy Birthday! Remember all men are equal when slapped with a very large fish." What?!!?? Gave me quite the chuckle. I wonder who it was for... Came in at 7:30 since it was Friday, started computers, opened windows. Checked emails. Went to LLI and only had two kids. They were both really good and worked very hard. Back to the library and got ready for my classes. They were all pretty good today. I had a couple of kids renew books. Had my lunch, did cafeteria duty, back for my immediate after cafeteria duty kindergarten class, then library time sorting books and shelving. Up to Mrs. M's for math time, then back down to more sorting and shelving. Closed windows and headed off to pick up grandkids for the weekend. 

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