The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


More kids in today, and again, hard times keeping them quiet!! Computers were up when I got in, so I woke them, turned on monitors, did a bit of checking in and book sorting then off to LLI. Had all four of my kids today and I kept them busy, tomorrow will be their last day with this particular program. Back to the library and covered my last two books from my last order and noticed that on the MARC record, it said volume 6, not volume 4 so I emailed our lovely LMSS ladies and they got that switched. Then got ready for my three classes. 5th grade class, then Mrs. M's class and last before lunch our DLC kids. They were all noisy!! Our principal came in and talked with them. And it still didn't work out very well. It's a very hard population so we expanded my expectations to be sure they knew to 1. Come in quietly and sit on the rug area. 2. Listen to my book and instructions. 3. Silently go and look for their books. 4. When they have their book checked out or if they can not check out books, they are to take their/a book and sit quietly at tables and read. So did not happen. My lunch time, then cafeteria duty, back to the library to sort, then up to Mrs. M's room and she wasn't there, so I helped the sub with the nutrition lesson. Back down to the library with Mrs. H's kids who were all in huge trouble from recess! They came and sat at tables, then I did story time and handed out bookmarks and notices. No, they weren't very quiet either. Then back up to Mrs. M's room and worked with students and their math. Mrs. L and I took some groups outside to the hallway tables to finish up their math worksheets. Then back down to the library and helped our presenter get ready for the meeting right after school. We had done a meeting six weeks ago or so about challenging students and this was the follow up to that with intervention strategies and the like. Ended at 4:30ish, just over my 4:15 normal quitting time.

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