The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Temps were up today and I even opened up the library windows to get some air flow in! Came in early since I was heading over to Leslie Middle School to talk to the librarian over there who is retiring at the end of this school year. She was one of our teacher/librarians who got 'released' since the district decided they didn't really need them anymore, and she stayed on and became just a library media assistant until she made the decision that this year would be her last. We talked shop and I drooled over the textbooks and their nice windows looking out over to the Cascade Mountain range. Came in at 7, and turned on the computers. Someone had been working on all of them, so I had to relog in as a bush student and use our password. That took a lot of time, then I had ten computers that didn't want to do anything but scroll. How annoying. They just worked on them all day Monday and yesterday too. Got to LLI and did my reading group. Did a running record on one, which took quite a bit of time. Had them do a worksheet on helping. Then a quick trip back to the library for my four morning classes in a row. I really enjoyed reading 'false apology' poems to the older classes. I thought they were hysterical. I used the Gail Carson Levine book 'Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It' I picked up from Salem Public Library last night on my way home. I put out colored pencils and paper, put up the poem "This is Just to Say" with a picture of an ice box then invited the students to do their own false apology poems and was able with one class to have them share a poem. I thought it was nice. The two younger classes also got to make a poem or picture and I read some young Emily Dickenson and Dr. Seuss! Then my lunch, cafeteria duty, and the kids went home for the day. I worked on the school inventory just about all the rest of the afternoon. I hope I can get it all together! There was a lot!

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