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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Math Spooling

So today Mr. M asked me if I was looking around, like for another posting, and I had to say yes. I've applied for the McKay job tonight and hopefully the Leslie job will post soon. Went in and woke up computers for getting onto the OAKS site. Opened the windows, then heard the volunteer appreciation was going to be in the library! Like, at 9! I had to be in LLI at 8:15, so I blitzed the library and straightened up and put up fabulous books so it would look really nice for our volunteers. Then off to LLI and a reading record and didn't have to scramble so much! Then back to the library, shelved and got ready for my groups. One Snow Queen, one Junie B. Jones, then our DLC kids came in and I read The Steadfast Tin Soldier. It seemed appropriate for what they go through. Then my lunch (I worked on my application) then cafeteria duty. Back to the library, more shelving, then up to Mrs. M's room and patrolled students while they did a science lesson on butterflies and how to highlight and note important facts. Then back down to the library for Mrs. H's class and another Junie B. Jones read and then since they had told me the second graders would be in the LLI room, I didn't have to go upstairs, but to the LLI room for more Common Core math work. Tape lines? I get it, but most of the kids were just totally blank about it. Mrs. L does an amazing job with the lesson plan Mrs. M gives her, but the kids are just spooling the information. It's frustrating to them as they keep trying and trying to understand and just start putting numbers in hoping they're the right ones :(  Helped take the kids up to their room and ready to go home. Then back to the library. Shut down monitors, checked in the last set of books for the day. Sent off a book to another library. Went into the office to give them a tape holder and there was my new Baker & Taylor order!!! Yippee!! Can't wait to get them all checked in and ready to get checked out!! Muchly excited!! I love being in the library!!

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