The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, April 25, 2014

New Books!

My new books arrived as I was leaving last night, so of course, the first thing I did was unpack them all!! Ahhhh,  Ohhhh.... Pretty. Couldn't find the packing slip, so I wrote down titles so I could put them out for check out this morning! I had them stretched all down the counters under the north windows! Then off to LLI and their lesson for today. Did a running record, got their weekend reading together. We went through their words. The boys were both "I got them all! I can throw them all away today!" So I tested them, and not so much! They got to dump about half of their stuffs. Then back to the library and got ready for my kinders! They were so excited to see all the new books! They checked out nearly all the new Elephant and Piggie books. Yeah! I love it when I get new books and they get checked out! Had some girls be really disrespectful while I did my author presentation to their 5th grade class, so I told one of our gals. I got three apology letters this afternoon from them and one came up to me during cafeteria duty and apologized to me personally! That was huge! Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty, my last group of the week, a bit of clean up, then up to Mrs. M's room. Helped with some science again today, then down for the computer lab and the kids worked on sumdog and starfall. Back to the library after school to clean up, water plants, shelve a few more books. I hear the door click, 4pm! Time to leave for this Friday!

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