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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More News

So today I got news that a position will open up at the end of the school year at Leslie Middle School for 8 hours. That would be awesome! Still in a secondary, still my 8 hours, and much closer to home than McKay. So, I will go in that direction! That's very exciting, not to mention they have awesome windows in their library there too! Got the computers all set up for OAKS testing today, but I'm not sure if they did any or not. Did LLI and my kiddos were pretty good. Had all my stuff together. We worked on consonant clusters, read together and did some poetry reading. Then back to the library and shelved. Then up to Mrs. M's room. Usually the kids are gone when I go up on Tuesdays, but they have a weird schedule so they were all in. I worked on my sort cards project and then went down to make copies of the lesson plans for the sort cards. Then it was lunch time, so I called the application office and talked with them. Then cafeteria duty. Back to my beloved library for more shelving and then up to Mrs. M's room for two hours. Helped with a spelling test. Made copies of the math to do for that afternoon, graded the spelling test then went downstairs with Mrs. L to do math for the second graders. Mrs. L is amazing. She is quite the teacher. Though Mrs. M gives us the lessons, Mrs. L does a fabulous job with keeping them on track and hopefully they also learned something! Took them back up to the classroom to get ready to leave for the day. Then back into the library. Put the last of the books away. Lots came in today and they are all checked in and put away. Ran reports for each class on what books are due. Sent off some book requests to a couple of people. The future is looking bright! I may be back in a secondary school! Huzzah!

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