The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Missing Sprague

Came in and got computers up for the OAKS. Then on to LLI and we're on our last week for this group. Had to talk to our counselor again about one of our students, who is very sleepy. I was concerned so let her know about him so she can contact him and see what's really going on. Then back to the library for a bit and then up to Mrs. M's room. I looked through her book section, then took a reading group for her. Off to lunch, then cafeteria duty. Back into the library for just a bit, then back up to Mrs. M's room and math. Mrs. L and I took the second graders downstairs to work on their math while Mrs. M worked with the third graders for their upcoming tests. Mrs. L was awesome as she taught the second graders, I was in awe! Checked in a ton of books today, ran reports for all the classes. Got an email from Mrs. H at Sprague about making sure we had our orders in, and I told her I was all set, and how today I horribly missed her. She wrote back and said she missed me every day. Picked out some great books for reading tomorrow.

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