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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Birthday, Bearcats and a Meeting

Busy day! Came in and got the windows open and computers up. Then to LLI and just had two of my kiddos today. The wonderful coworkers there got me a card and had all the kids sing happy birthday to me - and a nice little cup of strawberries and pineapple for a dessert yummy! I ate it with my cottage cheese at lunch. Had my three classes and then my schedule changed for the rest of the day. Most of our kids left to head over to Willamette University for Bearcat day. I guess the athletic department sets up a whole arrangement of different sports for the kids to all try and participate in. We had just three classes left here and the kinders. I actually got to eat with some of my coworkers for lunch today, and that was a nice change. Usually I have to eat by myself since nobody else has to eat as early as I do, but with the change of schedule, I delayed my lunch to a better lunch time and got to sit in the breakroom and talk with people. It was very nice. Then into the library a bit and sorted the Everybody books. Cafeteria duty with our three classes, then back to the library. Then up to Mrs. M's room and she had me read a book about careers and talk about different avenues off each tale - that was kind of fun, like the veterinarian and we talked about all kinds of animal jobs. Fun! Then down to have my other afternoon class, and then Mrs. H had them in the computer lab and I helped her out. Mrs. M had me work with their classes since she was over at Willamette with her class. Then after school got out I was off to Swegle Elementary for our elementary meeting for the month. Lots to hear, stuff to do. Will sort it all out tomorrow. Then off to dinner with family.

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