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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Running Records

Today was my busy day for classes. Came in and it took all my library time to get the computers up and ready for OAKS testing. Then off to LLI and my kids. All of them passed levels and will graduate on Friday out of this program. They all seemed very excited about that. Then a rush back to the library and my four in a row classes. Read Seedfolks to my 5th graders and I think they enjoyed it. Read Weslandia to my 1st-3rd graders. Really had trouble keeping them quiet with the OAKS testing going on. I think I asked each class 10 times each (in just 15 minutes of their free look for books time) to be quiet and respectful for those who were having to test. Our principal came in and even talked sternly to my first class. Our test proctor came in for two classes and asked them to be quiet. My scanner would not work so I had to hand enter all the kids codes and book barcodes. That was frustrating. Then my lunch, and I had forgotten to bring my sandwich. Really??? I make one every morning! How did I forget it? Then cafeteria duty. Back to the library and the presenter for our afternoon meeting was there. I had heard that we were to maybe do running records for reading which they have talked about since I first came. Well, she wasn't doing the records, but rather the next step on doing the records. That was frustrating. I've been waiting six months to be trained, and a lady comes to do the 2nd step. So, we went through that, but then a bunch of us classified people met with her alone, and I said how I'd been promised training for six months, and nothing has happened. Then they talk that I just need the mark sheet, can watch someone do it, and then do it on my own after that. Really?? Something that should have a two hour training and they want me to just watch someone do one, then go for it on my own? This is an assessment of students and their reading ability. I think it's much more important than something to just 'wing it.' It's not fair to the students, or the other ladies who do the records and have to take on my students as well as their own. And, I don't get a real feel for what I need to focus on in their work with me. We also had two baby showers today, three of our staff are very pregnant, and so we did stuffs for two of them today. The last one will be at the end of the month. They are all due within a week of each other I think!

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