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Friday, April 11, 2014

Muncha Math

Came in a bit early since it was Friday. Opened the windows to let in all the gorgeous sunshine. Turned on the computers and got them ready for OAKS testing today. Had my last LLI day with my group and they graduated and are on their way to other things! Back to the library and I worked through all my kinder classes, putting out my overdue/lost notes for the kids that needed them and getting their barcode bookmarks ready. I think it worked really well. I could hand the bookmarks out to each kid, then the ones that had books out that weren't overdue, then the notices to the kids who need to take care of book business! My first class today was my sweet kinders who are all so quiet!  They really are a joy! I had them all do hand motions with the Muncha, Muncha, Muncha book and they were so cute, making little mouth moves with their hands and whispering 'muncha, muncha, muncha!' with me. But then I learned that we were to have an earthquake drill, so I quick printed off their class list and got them all lined up at the back door. The drill came and they all dived under the tables, then we went out the library back door and their teacher met us on our way out. Back in for my next two classes who not near as well behaved. Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty and straight back for my last class of the day. Some library time. Looked for my books for next week, focusing on recycling. Then up to Mrs. M's class for math. Ugh. I really drag through math. Again Mrs. L and I took the second graders downstairs to work on their math. Mrs. L really is amazing. She could be a teacher, and did a great job trying to work through the exercise with the students. We had about a third of them get it, but the rest seemed pretty clueless. Back up to watch a bit of Because of Winn-Dixie since Mrs. M just finished reading the book and then the kids left. Closed windows, shut down monitors, sorted books. Signed a card for our instructional coach, what a great guy, and his brother passed away last night. A stroke, and nothing to be done for him. So heart sorry for his family. 

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