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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spider vs. 1st & 2nd Graders

He was just a tiny little guy, but he didn't stand a chance against Mrs. M's class. One boy had him in his hand, dropped him several times, the girls and boys were all shrieking, so I took a tissue and put him out of his misery. Poor thing. One never knows what's going to happen when you enter a library. Went in, got computers up and running for the OAKS testing. Off to LLI and really scrambled to make sure they had all their take home stuffs for the night. Back to the library and my four classes in a row. Read to the younger classes about Barbara Park and that she had passed away from cancer, and we read Junie B. Jones Lunch Boss. Then the older classes got Hans Christian Andersen and The Snow Queen, that the current movie Frozen is loosely based on. Some similarities, and some differences. We also discussed Public Domain and what that means - smart of Disney to use fairy tales! Then my lunch break and cafeteria duty, back to the library and I took my 10 minute break and then went and stood in the hallway to halt the stampede, but they had the kids line up and walk in calmly this time! It was nice! Then into the library for the rest of the afternoon. I put books away and then pulled out the AV inventory from last year I had printed up earlier today. Since we replaced the whole library computer lab, I had to check each serial number and school barcode on each monitor and hard drive. I ended up going to the office to see if they had a magnifying glass!! Oh my! They opened a drawer in the cupboards under the printers, and there one was! It came in very handy! So I got all that done at least, I'll just have to enter it all later. That took up the rest of the afternoon, and I'm off to see a Beatles tribute, 'Rain' tonight with my hubby down at the Hult Center in Eugene at the UO.

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