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Monday, April 7, 2014

In Memory

Worked today on my April authors bulletin board and one of the sets of books that get checked out all the time is the Junie B. Jones series, and I learned today that her creator, Barbara Park just died in November of ovarian cancer. That made me very sad. She was only 66. The kids just love those books. Came in today and opened up the library windows, set up the computer lab for the OAKS testing that started today. Then to the LLI room and a check in with our fearless leader on my kids from last week, then off to the gym at 8:30 to walk the assembly gyre. Sat through the assembly and then back to the library and started working on my authors. Then upstairs to help Mrs. M, cutting out square blocks for math for later today. Found out it was Mrs. M's birthday today! She had me take a reading group. We did the rest of the first chapter and started to answer questions and Mrs. L came so I could head off to lunch. Then cafeteria duty, and back to the library for my class. We are working on gardening stuffs this week, so I read Gardens from Garbage. Pretty interesting! Then more author work and then I had a substitute teacher come and ask if I needed any help and so I had her work on my non-fiction stack of books on the cart. She not only got them all in order, but two-thirds on the shelves! I love great help! Then back up to Mrs. M's room and donut holes to celebrate her birthday. I ordered her a Because of Winn-Dixie video, then we did math. I made some copies for her before the end of the day, then back to the library and more author work. Gorgeous day outside, so on my breaks I sat in the windows and gazed outside. Off to a beautiful afternoon, I will enjoy it. How blessed to be able to enjoy a great day.

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