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Friday, April 18, 2014

Golf Career

Today was dress like a career day so I chose to dress like a golfer. There are so many different avenues in that industry! Came in and left the rest of my birthday cake in the break room, started computers up, took snack up to Mrs. M's room since I had promised to do that for my birthday. Then down to LLI and finished off the week with my new group. Sent them home with books for the weekend. Back to the library and getting ready for my classes. Gotta love my kinders! They really are cute. We read 'Recycle Every Day' and I had them whisper some of the chants "Recycle, recycle, recycle" and "Re-re-remember to Re-re-cycle Every Day!" it was fun. Then my solitary lunch, then cafeteria duty was back to normal. My last kinder class of the day was cut a bit short since a presenter for career day needed a space and they decided it should be in the library. I did some shelving while they presented nurse nutrition education, then up to Mrs. M's room where I got a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. W!!" from the kids. They sang and gave me one of the cards where everyone fills out a large index card and they staple it all together. Very sweet. I handed out my snacks and then we did math for the rest of the afternoon. Mrs. L and I took some kids down to the LLI room to work on math, then when my group was done, they got to go up into the upstairs computer lab and play sumdog. When school was over I did more shelving and straightening in the library and then off to pick up my granddaughters for the weekend! Happy Easter all!

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