The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


That's how hot my car said it was on the drive home today. Wow. The school was hot too. Poor kids testing in the lab, it was really sweltering in there and when I didn't have library classes they had the lab doors open. When I had my last class for the day I opened my windows and propped open the library doors as well as the lab doors hoping it would help. Not sure if it did. Came in and woke up computers, only five didn't log in right away today, so better than yesterday. Off to LLI and one of my kids announced at the very end of the session that he was moving, like today was his last day :(  He was sad, we were sad. I love my small groups because I really get to know the kids, and he is a real sweet kid. Then back to the library to get ready for my groups. Had my three in, almost the whole gamut of the school ages. Took my lunch and even sat up on the window benches for my snack and reading looking out at the beautiful trees. Then cafeteria duty, we let the younger group out early, they were more than ready to get outside, so we let them. Back to the library and I had two helpers. Not sure how much they helped, they were more interested in pushing the cart around to shelve books. Instead of organizing the books and going from A - Z, they would pick a book, move the cart, then shelve the book, then get the next one. Oh well! Then up to Mrs. M's room and I helped with her science lesson on tadpoles to frogs. She had some live ones for the kids to look at under a magnifying lense and they loved it. Back to the library for my last class of the day, then up to Mrs. M's room again and some filing for her. Then time for the kids to go home and I went back to the library to shelve (the right way!). 

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