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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free Breakfast

I am becoming obsessed with getting this AV inventory done. It's just something I did all day today whenever I had library time. Getting through it, but still not feeling like I have it down. Came in and got computers up for OAKS, then headed to LLI and was told to go to the staff breakfast for at least ten minutes to talk, relax and have a bite provided for us by the teaching staff. There was really a nice layout there, and nicely done. I got to talk and have a drink and a bite and it made my morning. I don't often get to confab with my fellow coworkers, so it was very nice. When I got back to LLI, the 'Fun Ms. F" was reading to all the LLI kids so all her helpers could enjoy the breakfast. Then we worked on our new book, and worked on words that started with "th-" and had a lot of fun with that. Back to the library, and worked on inventory. Then up to Mrs. M's room for the rest of the morning and I worked on more of the vocabulary sort cards. Back to the library for lunch, and since the kids were in the computer lab with the doors open, I decided to eat in the lunchroom for a change. Then off to the cafeteria for duty there. Back to the library and more inventory work, then up to Mrs. M's for the whole afternoon. Did a bit more work on the word sorts, then Mrs. L and I took our group downstairs for their math work for the afternoon. I had to walk two of our more challenging kiddos back up to Mrs. M, and then Mrs. L did a great job getting them ready to do the work, but they didn't get borrowing. We needed to take 68 - 29 = ?? but the kids just couldn't get it. So she called them all back and we did it as a class. Then back up to class and getting ready for going home. Back down to the library after the kids left and more inventory work. I'm hoping to be done tomorrow!

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