The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Today I came in early and got ready for the day. Shelved books, checked in the books that came in yesterday afternoon. Got computers up for the day. Went to LLI for my last class of the year. Had a great time with all three of my kiddos! Computer or listening center time, then read to self (I got to check out a few books myself as I sat with the kids) and then our last lesson on adding 's' to the end of words. (or is it wordes? silly kids!) Then back to the library and since we had a concert today, my first class came in early so they could get in my lesson with the National Monuments and Parks and 10 Essentials before they had to go. That was fun. Then I waited for my next class and then my DLC class came in. Since I was using my lunch for my appointment, I worked in the library shelving for the most part. Got all the fiction put away and worked on the Everybody books. I had them out for the DLC kids to look at, so I hadn't put any of them away, but they were all done by the end of the day. Then off to cafeteria duty and one of the kiddos was having issues, so I tried to guide him to make some choices. He didn't think he had any, but I gave him a few examples and told him it was like a game, he had to find some on his own! Back to the library and I looked up the books for next week and started to think about inventory. I might start with the E Books (our big oversized books) to just get a feel for it before I hit the Everybody books. Mrs. S said she did non-fiction last year, so doing the Everybody's will be great. I'll be sure to have that in notes for next year that it'll be fictions turn. Up to Mrs. M's room and I helped her sub with the kids while she read and then while they did math. Back to the library for my last class of the day. Talked with Mr. B about Field Day and we had decided I would run the library for a 'cool' down place and he still wanted me to do that. Then I headed off to my appointment. Back in time to finish up the day and still made it out on time! 

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