The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It was so cute on Sunday. I was in church and this kid comes up to me and says "you're the librarian at Bush, right?" I nodded and he grinned. Got all the books down off of the shelf tops today and the library looks so sparse! I love having books out, but Friday is the last day to turn stuff in so I can start inventory. Came in and turned on computers from being off three days. Went into LLI and it's our last week for kids so we did stations today. They got about 15 minutes at each station and they really enjoyed the change. Back to the library for a moment - well, my half hour that seems to go by in a moment! Checked in books, and then up to Mrs. M's room. Worked on more spelling sorts and then listened to kids read. Back down for my lunch, then off to cafeteria duty. Back to the library, checked in more books and worked on my poster for the window - All Books Due Friday. I had most of the letters from a bulletin board before, so that helped. Up to Mrs. M's room and helped out with art, snack, geometry. Mrs. M had to leave so Mr. M came in and we finished up math and started a worksheet on matter. Back to the library after school and finished up the poster and hung it in the window. Dusted off all the top shelves. Yuck, they were pretty dusty! Shelved off the cart. 

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