The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wonderful Mrs. Willer

Got in and got computers up onto OAKS site. Opened windows and picked a book, Tarra and Bella, for my class after cafeteria duty. Went to LLI meeting, quick gave a run down of my kids then off to the assembly gyre of students. Nice assembly, focus on citizenship this month. Then we all got 'awards' with candy bars for crazy things. Mine was Extra gum because I give extra. Mrs. M got a Snickers bar because she makes everyone laugh. Then I saw little gingerbread figures all over the school with 'Delightful D...' or 'Super S...' and there wasn't one on my door. Made me sad :(  But later in the day I found mine up above the 'library' notice on the wall and it said "Wonderful Mrs. Willer" awwhhh, so sweet! Down to the library and I'm trying to work on finishing up my AV inventory. Then up to Mrs. M's room for helping out. She had me cutting out math activities for the kids and then I did my reading group on the 'Chocolate Touch'. Back down for my lunch, cafeteria duty, then my one library class for the day. It went pretty well. Then more work on the inventory and up to Mrs. M's room for the afternoon. I worked on more cutting out of math activities and Mrs. L and I took the kids down to work on more math, the four different ways to figure out how to get an answer. Then back to the classroom and got them out the door for the day, back to the library and I went around to a few more rooms for inventory and worked on the database for the rest of the afternoon.

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