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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweet Statue of Liberty

I was in a bit of a quandry as to what to do with my Kinders today. My older kids did very well with their quizzes and character bucks, but the little ones, my. So I realized we had a great book on the Statue of Liberty, with a National Park Ranger giving a 'tour'. It was just their age. We have a model of the statue that sits on a cabinet about 18" tall, so my plan started to come together. I found two shiny new copper pennies and one that had oxidized a bit. The book said the copper was about the thickness of two pennies, so that worked perfectly! I read a bit in the book and when we got to the copper used I passed around the pennies, then the oxidized one to show why the statue looks green. Then I had a yardstick to measure out how long her hand is (16 feet) and had a student stand every three feet so they could see that. Had two more kids lay foot to foot to show how long her fingers are (about 8 feet). I used the yardstick to measure her eyes over my eyes (2.5 feet) and her nose was like my nose but all the way to the floor. Then I had printed a picture of the statue and they all got to color the statue. I had done a very colorful picture with the folds all different colors and told the kids they could do a lot of different colors too that could show what a great diverse country we were. All different kinds of people, ideas and likes. Some did a bunch of different colors, others did the green. It was fun. Came in early Friday and got computers up,  did my ideas for the kinders. Off to LLI for our end of year party and had a good time with them. Then back to the library and set out crayons and pictures to color, got Liberty off the top of the shelf. I had them, then a fifth grade class and they loved my quizzes (who wouldn't with character bucks involved!), then kinders again. Got in my lunch, then cafeteria duty and straight back into my last class of kinders. A bit of library time then up to Mrs. M's room for the afternoon. They were taking a test, so I just monitored with the volunteer that was there. Then we did another test and down to the computer lab for math. Mrs. M and the volunteer took kids out into the library to work on unfinished papers and cursive writing. School done for the day and I shelved books, looked for books for next week's fun reads, closed up and off to home! My granddaughter's first ballet recital tomorrow!

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