The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flash Mob

Yes, Bush is doing a Flash Mob for the last assembly of the year. We're dancing to "Happy". Should be fun and we had a practice today for it. Came in and got computers going, then off to LLI. I only had one of my kids today! So he and I worked together. Finally one came in, his mom was bringing him over the bridge and had gotten stuck by an accident. At least he made it in! Then to the library for my four classes in a row. I think it went well. I did a book on the Grand Canyon and the Powell expedition for the fifth graders and for the younger group I did a book on the poem for the Statue of Liberty. Then I asked them questions on National Monuments (what states have them) and National Parks (names and/or states).  I also brought in my hiking pack with my 10 Essentials and they had to guess what they might be. Anytime I bring out the Character Bucks, they respond to that well! I think they enjoyed it and it filled the time since we're done checking out for the year. Then my lunch, cafeteria duty and the kids were done for the day. I checked in a ton of books, put them on carts and started to organize them to put away tomorrow. I had to take two hours off to accompany my mom to an appointment, so I was glad I got to do that for her. She had been very anxious about it. 

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