The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Colored Inventory

Came in today and stopped in the break room to drop off my bread for the teacher thank you lunch today. Then got computers up, then off to LLI. Had a nice group with them, and raced back to the library for my four classes in a row. Read Tarra and Bella to all of them. It was nice to see them interested. Then my lunch, then the cafeteria duty, then back to the library and my brief stint in the hall while the kids were dismissed for early release Wednesday. Then I just got down into the inventory. Got it all done, all rooms set, all items I couldn't find identified as missing, did several 'sorts' to make sure I had everything where it made sense to me. I also 'filled in' the cells with different colors for each room so I could tell them apart. I'll clear it all after I'm done, but it'll help me while I check the rooms. It's looking pretty good. A couple of times I lost some information, so I went back on the U:drive and pulled up the inventory from last year, copied it, and pasted onto a new excel sheet, cleared off the columns I didn't need, because really I just wanted the old room number, what the item was (computer, monitor, etc.) and the barcode information so I could check off from the old list onto the new list. Was very happy with all that. Got into checking them against each other before I had to leave for the day. Glad that it's almost over for the year!

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