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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mr. Wuffles Touch

Today I got in early since I had to bring my son to his work and it didn't make sense to go all the way back home, turn around and come back, so I just went in. I wasn't too early, but got off at 4! Went to enjoy a beautiful walk twice around Bush Pasture Park, just a few blocks from the school. Got things ready for the day, computers up, books checked in and ready. Off to LLI for my group. Then back to the library and my two morning kindergarten classes. I handed out the hat, face, shirt, pants and boots to kids and when I needed them had them bring them up to me. They liked that, and we also did a lot of reciting the state names which they liked as well. Most of our 5th graders were off on the zoo field trip, but I did still have some fourth graders in and some of the kids who were in class yesterday, but didn't get to go to the zoo for my quiz round. Then my lunch, off to cafeteria duty. I had to leave at the start of the second lunch, my throat hurt so bad, I coughed all the way through the first lunch, so I went in my back room and gargled with salt water. I almost decided to leave after my last kinder class, but luckily the vending machine had life savers, so I had something to suck on. My favorite part of the day. One of the kids in my last class of the day was so hyper. When I was done with my talk, I told the kids they could color their own Oregon state or look at a book. This kid was "I don't like books. I don't like libraries. I don't want library time." Sitting by him was Mr. Wuffles by David Wiesner. So I suggested we just look at it together. He sat down and soon was so into the story. He wanted to interpret what the aliens said. He told me about his own cat. He loved the drawings the aliens did to see how they could get by Mr. Wuffles. He loved it. When I asked him if he wanted to take it home, he said no. That was the only sad part. I think Mr. Wuffles really touched him and that made me happy. Then a bit more time in the library, up to Mrs. M's room for the rest of the afternoon and we had math centers with the activities I had worked on last week and that was fun. Some of my kids did some awesome work. Back to the library, logged out computers, closed blinds, turned in my inventory to the U:drive. Worked on my May authors - what ab amazing story of H.A. & Margret Rey! Can't wait to tell that one to the kids next week!

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