The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

In the Jungle...

Well, at least I got through all my readings today with a bit of voice left. All the fifth graders left today for a night at the Oregon Zoo! How fun for them! I wonder if any of the ones left behind will be at the library tomorrow for the one class I have of fifth graders? Came in and did my LLI class, then back to the library and got ready for my classes. They all went very well with one class of quizzes and the other two for man in the map! Then my lunch and I just had to go outside and enjoy the air for a moment before the rain settles back in tomorrow. Down for cafeteria duty, then back to the library to prepare for my last class. Up to Mrs. M's room to work on more word sorts, then back down to the library for my last class of the day and man in the map. Mrs. M's class came down and was in the library computer lab so it was easy to just walk over and help her. She had several students that needed to finish up work so we did that while the others played math games online. Then out the door after school to our last elementary assistant meeting for the year over in West Salem. Got some ideas on how to keep the kids occupied after they can no longer check out books, and came up with a few myself. Got out about 5:30ish, now off to my mom's.

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