The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Three Days

So ready for Memorial Day weekend! Came in just a tad early today since it's Friday. Got computers up and running and pulled off all the manila blinders Mr. M had on them. Wanted to read 'Red Light, Green Light' by Margaret Wise Brown to our Kinders, so I cut out a big red circle and then a green one for them to hold up whenever I read those words in the book. Down to LLI and did reading records on all three of my kids. Did the dump day for everyone. Back to the library and started to look at the books for next week. Did my Kinders and a few of the fifth graders. Had my lunch, then off to the cafeteria. Back for my last Kinder class, then a half an hour and back up to Mrs. M's room. She was just ready to bring the kids downstairs to the computer lab, but Mrs. B was in there for a few more minutes, so we took the kids outside to play just a bit. Then we went in. I helped a few kids that had some writing to do and we monitored the ones on the math games. Then back up to the room to get ready to leave. Back to the library for the last bit and I took the time to take all the special headphones with mics that we use for ELPA and OAKS and got them all boxed up. Time to head home! See you Tuesday!

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