The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


So we found out today that our school is going to be visited by the interim superintendent so I had to quick put out some books on display since I had started to put everything away to get ready for inventory. Hate it when I write a great post and loose it because I'm too far away from our internet :(  Came in and got computers up and onto OAKS. Then off to LLI. Had a great time with the kids getting them to come to our little board and write out words with consonant clusters. They did a great job. Back to the library and more work on my May authors for tomorrow's classes. Then up to Mrs. M's. Mrs. F brought in breakfast burritos that were huge. I ate about an eighth of one. Then Mrs. M gave me the math lesson for today, peg boards, rubber bands and work on triangles. So I did that, then she found the folder for my reading group, but since I only had one of the original five kids, I ended up just going around to kids and listening to them read. Back down for lunch, and a teacher came in looking for frog books, so I gave her a pile and told her to write down the barcodes of the books she took, then cafeteria duty. The tables were all long since there's a concert tonight and the risers curve into the lunch room. We made it work. Then back to the library and I did some shelving and putting out books and picked up The Greedy Triangle to read to the kids before I work on the triangle math with them. Mrs. M seemed to appreciate I did that. She took her set of kids off to the lab for their OAKS testing and I read the book and then we did the peg boards and rubber band triangle work. I told all the kids "You shoot a rubber band off across the room, we all turn in our rubber bands and peg boards!!" I guess they thought I meant it because not one rubber band flew! When Mrs. M came back with the kids she started a movie for them and let me go down to the library. I got it pretty well straightened up, got more books put away for tomorrow. Just hope my voice holds out tomorrow!

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