The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Map Work

Urgh, of course I went in. How would anybody know what I've been doing even though I have lesson plans? T'would be sad to leave a sub to figure out what I'm doing this week. Did the Man in the Map for my little kids and gave them a map of Oregon to color for themselves. The older kids got the quiz show. If they got something right, they got a character buck! They were all in for that! I was really sad though, my first class for the day had 28 kids who didn't bother to get their bookmarks and check out a book. I told Mr. M and their teacher. Just for them to know. Then my lunch, back to the cafeteria. Got that done and my side door duty. Finished up the AV Inventory and sent it into the LMSS office. Later in the afternoon Ms. F came to me and said my kiddoes all passed a big level! I need to challenge them more! So, I will do that next week and the week following, then we're going to do a station thing for our last week. Got a lot of shelving done and the shelves actually look nice for the moment! All I had left to shelve was the non-fiction that came in today. Urgh, home, a bit of Downton from season one, garlic potatoes, gargling with salt water. 

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