The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, May 9, 2014


Mrs. M came into the library this morning and gave me a beautiful dahlia. That was so sweet of her! Came in a bit early and had trouble with the library door. It would read my badge, then wouldn't open. I guess it's happened before, but it was very annoying! Did that all day. I ended up putting a door stop in to stop the door from shutting all the way for the rest of the day. Got to talking with a teacher and had to rush into LLI this morning. Listened to one of my students, they did their vocab words for the day and got nearly all of them so they could throw them away at the end of the lesson. Back to the library and got ready for my kinders. Pulled up the elephant cam. They really enjoyed that. My older class came in for a quick check out then down to the gym for an assembly. A four of them stayed with me for reading, then another group of kinders & then lunch. Cafeteria duty and then my last class of the week, a bit of time to clean up, then up to Mrs. M's room. The class was out on a field trip but due back any minute, so I went up to her room and worked on a project. They came in and we went down into the computer room for sumdog or starfall math work. They went home and I went back to the library. Shut down computers for the weekend, worked on straightening up shelves. The old Library Media Assistant was in for the field trip, so I asked what had she done for inventory last year and she said she had done the non-fiction, so I will probably do the Everybody books for this year. Taking my dahlia home! I stopped by Salem Public Library to pick up season one of Downton Abbey, and a couple of my kids were just leaving, I waved and quipped "Where else would you expect to see me??" they smiled as they walked out.

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