The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cleaning Up

Today I worked on getting the To Kill a Mockingbird books entered and taped up. Then I decided to clear up some carts and put books away. We had a whole cart of Geometry Supplements that were just taking room up on a cart, so I put them on a shelf and in a couple of boxes up on top of that, then put away a cart of Foundations books we had gotten in to replace our 125 books that have disappeared over the last several years. I also put away the last box of math teacher materials we had on the floor boxed up from the bond work last summer - no one needed them, and there wasn't space, so I just had left them in the box. So, now they are all home and happy. Mrs. H also used our back counter for the new Scantron machines we got in, so I cleared off that and got all those bits of things taken care of in one way or another. Checked out a lot of books today, pieces here and there. Processed in one magazine. Sent a whole box of materials out to Mr. C at LMSS for barcoding. Sent out an email to the Social Studies department to see if anyone had ordered any National Geographic materials.

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