The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I know, I've gotten a zillion requests wondering what's happened to me...Ah, well, maybe not, but life has been busy! Alongside the regular stuff, I worked at LMSS for two days during our finals and had a great time there. I put tags on four carts of books (two of them were for Sprague!) and pack boxes with books heading out to other schools! That was much fun! The next day I got to open all our 18 boxes of books from our Baker and Taylor order and stamp them and put them on carts - too much fun! I also got to look up prices on the web site to gather in prices for the books that didn't have them on the covers somewhere. Friday I was supposed to go back over, but Mrs. M was ill and had left early Wednesday and wasn't there Friday, so when Mrs. H texted me and let me know she was gone on Friday too, I went back to Sprague. I helped check in books from the last of the semester and checked off the titles of the books that I had brought over on Wednesday. Yesterday was a full grading day so I was up at my daughter's for the weekend. Today we checked out books to kids for the new semester, I processed in three magazines and did some repairs. At 1:30 I had to leave for a meeting at technology with the crossover for billing for the library books. It was interesting and good to talk and provide some responses to the discussion. I also tore down the old January bulletin board and started working on the new one.

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