The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


My fabulous helpers today got through all the billed reports I ran and though we didn't find much, we did find a few things. Packed up my desk, all but a few things I will take home for the summer and will need immediately when we get back. Opened up the new Realidades 3 and barcoded the teacher text along with a few other items. Helped Mrs. H work on cleaning up our missing books list from the library and found just about all the items on my page - we had connection problems at times and I think the computer just dropped them when she was doing them, so they are now in. Stuffed things in cubby holes around and about trying to fit everything in, got our last set of surplus books taken away today (thank you Garten!!!) and cleaned out the last of our old shelving that was just laying around in various nooks and crannies (some teachers came and took a bunch - yeah!). Mr. C came by to remind us about the lunch tomorrow so we will head up for that and hopefully, the building will be cleared and we won't have to come back that afternoon. The gates are up on the road, boxes are being carted off to storage, computers dismantled, what an effort, but needed and it'll be like a new school when we return.

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