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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to Work!

We went back to work yesterday and spent the day working on the new configuration of the circulation desk. Mrs. H had a new idea and so we stripped out all the wiring from each of the modules then moved them. They hadn't been moved in awhile and so we vacumned the carpet there as we cleared each area, and began to go through all the modules to clean them out. By the end of the day we had everything nearly done except one of the surge protectors we need to replace still. It was a good day, dirty, physically tough to move all the cabinets, but it really looks good. Today we replaced the surge protector and then I started to open all the boxes in the back and see what we've gotten in. I opened up over 65 boxes. I was expecting a couple of new textbooks, but we actually got in 8 new ones. We also got in The Bedford Reader and Elements of Argument, Student Lab Notebooks (we were missing one, so Mrs. H called and they are sending us another one) and got them all accounted for. I also sent an email to Mrs. HJ to make sure they are all approved before I start processing tomorrow. We also got in new teacher materials for our ASL program. We moved the old yearbooks from the front circulation shelves to a shelf in the textbook depository and I rearranged some of the student purchase books (like Bedford and Elements and Lab notebooks) on shelves in the back. I stacked the boxes in the back so they are ready for shipping things out. We got in new French texts, so I may have to ship our old set out. I asked Mrs. HJ if they wanted to do that. Got in a Wir die Jugend that belonged to McNary so I checked it in and withdrew it and sent it back. It's great to be back at work and to see all the students as they came through the library as part of the registration process these last two days.

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