The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Principles of Technology

I finished helping Mrs. M this morning with pulling labels off the donated books and putting clear stickers over the sticky parts so they don't stick together. Then I worked on 15 boxes of Principles of Technology. At the end of last year, McKay high school wanted to get rid of them and one of our teachers wanted them, so they sat for the summer. Now it was time to open them and see what condition they were in and count them with ours to see how many we have. I piled them by book (there were 14 different volumes) and had separate piles for the well used and pristine. I sent an email to Mr. D letting him know to stop by when he gets into work and we'll confab about what to do with them. I had a three tier cart full on both sides and another cart full up on the top shelves, but glad to get them out of boxes and ready for processing. I also boxed up some of the surplus I had left at the end of summer and got them ready to go. Helped a few students with book returns. And it was cooler inside! Much thanks to our HVAC crews that worked hard to get us cooler!

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