The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Thursday - March 8 - helped Mrs. M today with the memorial books for Dana, a girl here who died last week. Mrs. M did a fabulous job putting together all the notes from the memorial wall we had here at school and today I helped her cut out and bind up the pages. It was hard not to cry as I glanced through the notes, how much so many of the kids loved her, her positive spirit was an inspiration to so many...hard to go on. Mrs. M made covers as well since we had to make 3 books to hold all the notes. Processed in three magazines for us. I also did repairs and the usual's.

Friday for us was a half day. Mrs. M took vacation and Mrs. H went to another school for the half day so I went to Sprague and worked there. I replaced more of the Prentice Hall Literature Gold books, some repairs. Helped a teacher with some book choices, had another classified come in and straighten out our manga shelves. 

Dana, may you find the peace you so desperately needed. May those close to you find their own in dealing with this. My heart weeps for this ending.


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