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Friday, August 31, 2012


Totally blitzed off doing this yesterday! So this is August 30th - Thursday! Worked with our tech who solved our barcode '0' problem and it looks as if we'll be ready for the kids to check out next week! That was a big load off my mind. Thank you Eric! Had four boxes of books brought in over the summer and made sure they were all cleared in Trac-it (thank you Eric again for letting us have that back for a few weeks to clear books like that) and then checked them into the new Destiny program. There were some 'billed' books in there, so I printed off the books and the students and took those to our bookkeeper so she can clear their bill. Also had parents and students bringing in books as well throughout the day. Took a bunch of stuff over to LMSS for them to barcode and picked up four very important barcodes for our Spanish teachers to have for prep work over the weekend and they were very happy to have those brand new books to take home. Started to stamp and barcode the new Conceptual Physics books and got most of the rest of the boxes out of the way so we don't trip over anything. Mrs. M helped me with the laminator to move it and put it on a new rolling cabinet in the back by my desk since we don't have the teacher workroom anymore. I moved the Channel One TV, DVD player and cable box over onto another table. Busy day and we're now ready for Tuesday!  Actually for today, I did send out a staff email for textbook checkout times for next week and already have over 30 responses - I'll open them on Tuesday ;)

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