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Monday, August 31, 2015

What a Wonderful World

If we all got to go back to jobs we love?? Today was my first day back, and it was busy! The carpets had been cleaned so I had to do some rearranging of a few tables I could move, as well as put back stuff where it belongs! Checked in books. Threw away stuff that didn't need to be kept. (Like the poster paper I had to put up in the windows if we needed to blackout - we got in new blinds for all the windows, so those could go!). Unpacked the books I read for my book talks. Unpacked and checked in the new books we got in over the summer from a list put together by one of the high school librarians. Found another box of books that had familiar titles, but no paperwork! I called LMSS and they tracked down that they were purchased to put new books into Language Arts class libraries, so I set those aside for the teachers. Ordered new sign in sheets for the library. Ordered some new tape and contact paper. And new sharpies. Worked with our new bookkeeper on the library end of stuff. Hopefully we'll finish up with what she needs to know tomorrow. We had to call LMSS to get her added into Destiny for the textbooks. Unpacked 3 boxes from Junior Library Guild. Talked to one of our counselors about a great book on bullying. We got in our first set of math books. I kind of ignored them for a bit, and a good thing because my sets of barcodes came in this afternoon! So I was able to start to work on them. Got all the sign up sheets for the teachers for the library and the computer labs all set and ready to go for them (they come back tomorrow!). Talked with tech services about my quick to close down Outlook account, and got that all figured out. Found my library programs and got them all set. My new flat screen in my office is so huge! Asked for the Net Support program so I can monitor the computers in the lab. Learned that tech services is working on a system that the students can use their student ID's to access their computer accounts. That works for me! Talked with a couple of teachers. One a returning, the other brand new to us. Found that our Spanish workbooks didn't get ordered in June, so hopefully they will be in before the new year. Before I knew it, the day was over! Still so much to do!

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