The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day Two

Came in today and got right to work on the math books. By the end of the day I had all the Bits and Pieces all done and was starting on the Prime Time. I also measured the shelves and had to move a couple of things to make all the different titles possible for the shelves in the back. Checked out lots to teachers today. Had to work on the Health books since we had two more than what the computer said. Checked in three sets of science books that had been 'lost' for quite awhile. Talked a lot with our Language Arts teachers (since we have quite a few new ones) about what is available in the library. Got in my tape and contact paper I had ordered. Found out I do have Friday off (yeah!). Which leaves me wondering if I'll get all the math books done :(  Got some of the new teachers to take some old books so I don't have to surplus them. Had our science guys look through Ms. J's things she left when she retired last year and they took a couple of things ('These are mine! She borrowed them and I forgot about them!') Checked out three class sets of social studies. Took in books from classrooms that had new teachers in them and didn't need these things! (two encyclopedia sets from 1989 and 1992! - but one of our new teachers took the 1992 set!). Got our bookkeeper set up with her own access to the textbook program and went over checking in things with her. Laminated a few things for teachers today. Condensed a few carts so I have extras for teachers. Checked on a book for a student that called. We didn't have it, so I did find two books that were missing from students today so I told him to call back next week after the new teachers had cleaned out their rooms, it still might show up. 

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