The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Non Shelving

Had to leave right after work to Oktoberfest! So I'm getting back to this Sunday night. Friday ended up being very quiet. Had a few books I checked on that did get paid, so I cleared those accounts. Had an aide work on the graphic novels, and I'd given out the fiction to others, so I decided to shelve all the non-fiction myself. That took awhile! I straightened up books while I was out there too, put up a cookbook display on the non-fiction shelves. Worked on putting the numbers on the Accentuate the Negative since the aides had finished all the stamping and putting the barcodes on them. I had two huge stacks to do, both ends, but got them all done before the end of the day. Worked a bit more on my B&T order. It was a good day!  Today is Sunday and I drove up to the Barnes and Noble store in Bridgeport to get my hands on new books! I love to see and feel them and not just on a computer! Spent a good two hours writing down titles, authors and ISBN #'s! Too much fun!!

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